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November 19th - 24th


Cairns Fashion Week is not just an event; it's a mesmerizing journey into the vibrant world of style and creativity. This annual celebration of fashion in the heart of Far North Qld is where innovation, artistry, and culture unite to create an unforgettable experience. With a stunning backdrop of tropical beauty, Cairns Fashion Week showcases the talent of designers from across the globe, bringing together the fashion-forward, the avant-garde, and the trendsetters of the industry. From the runway to the after-parties, it's a week where imagination knows no bounds, and fashion is elevated to an art form. Cairns Fashion Week is a spectacular fusion of tradition and innovation, making it a must-attend for anyone with a passion for the ever-evolving world of style.. 

This year's event will span across various venues, with the primary location set at the Screen Queensland Movie Studio in Cairns!

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